Remembering the Victims of Gun Violence in America

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With heartfelt compassion, the International Society for Contemplative Research extends its deepest sympathy to the families and communities affected by the epidemic of gun violence in America.

As a newly-formed organization that embraces equity and justice founded upon our common humanity, and as a scholarly society whose contemplative research approaches seek to enhance the health and well-being of all, we stand in solidarity with those who seek an end to senseless violence and human suffering caused by gun-related violence.  At this time, we ask people to honor the victims and embrace this precious opportunity to care for each unique human life as we continue to nurture the consciousness we all share as human beings.

We pledge to be open to new partnerships and research opportunities aimed at fostering a just and equitable society centered on a deep appreciation of these values and to work for the safety, inclusiveness, community and overall well-being of the societies in which we live.

We invite other researchers and educators to join the cause of helping reduce mental suffering, ending these brutal armed assaults on all people, and work to promote healing, critical analysis, insight, and awareness of the perils of gun violence. May consciousness of our commonalities be the foundation of the betterment of all members of our societies.

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